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At Upspace we specialise in residential rooftop developments through transforming under-utilised spaces into high-end liveable accommodation — helping address London’s housing shortage.

We aim to develop airspaces to accommodate modest apartment construction ensuring the original character of the residential building is maintained.

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  • Home Sweet Home sign with plant

    Is Airspace Development Affordable?

    Sometimes we get asked about the affordability of airspace development. At Upspace, we create much-needed rooftop homes in the capital…

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  • Woman with child

    How leaseholders profit from airspace developments

    Airspace development unlocks space in the rooftops of the capital to provide room for much needed new homes in London….

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  • Sign saying Temporarily Closed for Construction

    What can go wrong with airspace developments?

    If you are a freeholder with airspace to sell, or a resident of a building with airspace for sale, you…

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  • Airspace developer

    Choosing the right airspace developer

    Airspace development is a forward-thinking solution to today’s housing shortage in London. It can also bring financial benefits to freeholders…

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  • Property out of thin air

    Property out of thin air

    It’s a nervous time for the UK economy, with rising inflation and speculation about an oncoming recession. In addition, there…

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  • The advantages of rooftop housing

    If you’re walking the streets of London, look up and what do you see? You’re likely to be in a…

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