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At Upspace we specialise in residential rooftop developments through transforming under-utilised spaces into high-end liveable accommodation — helping address London’s housing shortage.

We aim to develop airspaces to accommodate modest apartment construction ensuring the original character of the residential building is maintained.

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  • Rooftop development

    What we’ve learned about rooftop developments

    Airspace development is still a relatively new industry in the UK. In 2020, the government made changes to planning laws…

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  • Rooftop construction

    Rooftop Construction

    Rooftop construction is the future of property development in London, where space is at a premium. Upspace are leading the…

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  • Rooftop extension close-up

    Rooftop extensions guide

    This rooftop extensions guide is for freeholders, as well as leaseholders with a share of the freehold, who are exploring…

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  • Airspace Development

    Airspace leases

    What are airspace leases? Put simply, they are leases that grant the right to use or develop the space above…

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  • How Building Up Benefits Everyone

    Airspace development is the modern solution to the UK’s urban housing crisis, particularly in London where there remains a shortage…

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  • The Impact of Airspace development on leaseholders’ service charge

    The average service charge bill in London is around £2,000 a year according to the HomeOwners Alliance, but this broad…

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