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At Upspace we specialise in residential rooftop developments through transforming under-utilised spaces into high-end liveable accommodation — helping address London’s housing shortage.

We aim to develop airspaces to accommodate modest apartment construction ensuring the original character of the residential building is maintained.

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  • Airspace construction

    Perils of Using the Wrong Contractor

    Airspace developments have become more common in London in the past decade. However, it’s still a relatively new sector of…

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  • Sustainable property development for London

    Can airspace homes help with London’s rising rents?

    Rents in London and around the UK have been soaring in 2023 due to heavy competition for available properties. Figures…

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  • New Association Sets The Standard For AirSpace Development

    A shared desire to promote the highest standards in airspace development has prompted the creation of a trade association between…

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  • London skyline

    Airspace Development in London: The Reasons For The Upwards Trend

    As identified in figures released by London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Office and separate work by the London Council members, the…

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  • Five Airspace Development Myths Debunked

    Airspace development is a form of property development that has the potential to increase housing stock without the need to…

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