Minimising Disruption For Airspace Residents

Minimising Disruption For Airspace Residents Minimising Disruption For Airspace Residents

No one wants to live on a building site – or in the case of airspace developments, beneath one. Even where they don’t own the property all residents will benefit from airspace developments in their buildings.

Improved communal areas, modernised facades and facilities, and a new roof are just some of the many advantages that all the residents will share.

However, while construction is ongoing, residents are likely to experience disruption and some level of inconvenience. If this disruption becomes extreme, it can even alienate residents and threaten the whole project. But it never needs to come to this.

Responsible airspace developers like Upspace have many ways of making the rooftop build as painless as possible for residents, and this blog takes a closer look at what that entails.

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Putting Existing Residents First

Part of being a professional airspace developer who’s recognised by the industry body ARAD is treating existing residents as important stakeholders in the development.

This means frequent and considerate communication, and putting into place plans and practices that will minimise disruption for them during construction.

Unlike the developer in this example in the Mail Online recently, trusted rooftop developers like Upspace are both knowledgeable and respectful in their approach to residents, the building itself, and the surroundings.

At Upspace we have a time-proven process for keeping disruption to residents at a minimum. Here’s what you should expect from any professional airspace developer.

Good Communication

Rooftop developers should communicate the construction schedule, anticipated noise levels, and potential disruptions to the existing residents well in advance. This helps residents prepare and adjust their routines accordingly.

Regular updates through notices, emails or community meetings will keep residents informed about the progress of the construction and any changes in the schedule.

Considerate Scheduling

Our contractors will try to schedule the noisiest and most disruptive activities during daytime hours when residents are more likely to be awake and active, and reserve quieter activities for early morning or later in the evening.

Off-site construction

This is the game changer for noise and disruption on airspace developments. Because we construct many of the components of our housing units off-site, in factory settings, residents are spared noise, pollution and upheaval from a sizeable proportion of the build. It improves safety and sustainability too.

Noise Control

Where possible we use soundproofing materials, and equipment with noise-reduction features to mitigate the impact of construction noise on residents.

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Dust and Debris Management

Although this is less of an issue on our sites because of off-site construction, we still use dust control measures when needed. These include covering construction areas and using water to suppress excess dust if necessary, to maintain cleanliness and air quality.

Traffic Management

Construction or equipment can sometimes affect traffic – not just on the highway but in parking areas used by residents. If this is the case, we implement traffic control measures to keep things moving smoothly and also address problems like temporarily reduced parking.

Pedestrian Safety

We keep pedestrian walkways clearly marked and maintained. We’ll install safety barriers and signs to guide pedestrians safely around the parts of the building and its exterior that are affected by construction.

Access to Properties

Residents will always have clear, safe access to the main properties. If necessary, alternative entrances or walkways are provided if improvement work is being done to communal spaces like the reception area or shared entrances.

Emergency Planning

We put emergency plans in place to ensure residents’ safety in case of unexpected incidents related to the construction.

Environmental Considerations

We adhere to environmental regulations to minimise pollution, waste, and disruption to the local environment, which can indirectly affect residents. Off-site construction helps significantly with these factors too and makes recycling easier.

Site Organization

A well-organized construction site is less likely to spill over into residents’ spaces. Good airspace developers and contractors will maintain a tidy workspace and secure construction materials to prevent hazards and unsightly conditions. A world away from the ‘rogue’ builders in the Mail Online article mentioned earlier.

Quick Completion

Good airspace developers and contractors work on completing the most disruptive tasks as efficiently as possible to shorten the overall duration of noise and disruption. Off-site construction also shortens build times and reduces overall disruption considerably.

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The effectiveness of all these strategies depends of course on factors like the size of the construction project, the type of residential area, and the willingness of residents to cooperate and adapt to the temporary disruptions.

Residents have an important role to play in the success of any airspace development project and we enter into each project factoring them and their needs.

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