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At Upspace we specialise in residential rooftop developments through transforming under-utilised spaces into high-end liveable accommodation — helping address London’s housing shortage.

We aim to develop airspaces to accommodate modest apartment construction ensuring the original character of the residential building is maintained.

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  • A guide to off-site construction

    Find out what off-site construction is, what advantages it offers and which building projects it suits.

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  • Rooftop construction

    Successfully managing construction project health and safety

    The CDM regulations have been designed to promote and protect health and safety in the construction industry. The following post will outline some of the responsibilities involved and how South Coast Estates positions health and safety at the heart of its business ethos.

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  • Rooftop construciton

    Why offsite construction is taking the headache out of renovations for residents

    Renovation projects can vastly improve the look and functionality of a building, but there is no denying the hassle and…

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