Why Upspace?

Why Upspace?

The development of residential property can seem like a daunting prospect to many, in light of the obvious disruption that inevitably accompanies the process; yet, there are planning and construction methods that can be employed which successfully circumvent the majority of these interruptions to residents.

Upspace only works with one property freeholder with whom it has forged strong business ties and an excellent working relationship.  This ensures that any construction will be of the highest quality, while the impact on residents will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Why we care about the quality of the build

The traditional development model places ‘resale’ as the goal of most construction projects.  However, the unique relationship that exists between Upspace and the property freeholder with whom it works creates a unique situation, one in which the main priority is not to ‘sell’ but to create new homes and improve the building’s infrastructure for current residents.  This has the welcome consequence of increasing the overall value of the building’s existing properties.

At Upspace, we pride ourselves on the quality of our construction projects.  All new properties perform excellently against the most current building regulations as set out by the Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government and Building Regulations Advisory Committee.

The safety and satisfaction of residents are our top priority.  To ensure that all possible fears are assuaged, we typically arrange a series of consultations in which members of the community have the opportunity to ask questions about the project.

The stellar reputation of Upspace within the property development industry is built on the twin pillars of quality and transparency.  One of the means by which we have earned this reputation is by employing clear and open lines of communication through which we foster close ties with the community.

What can you expect from us?

Once a building has been thoroughly assessed by a structural engineer and deemed safe to develop, a construction plan is formulated that helps to create an environment which minimises any potential impact to existing occupants.

This is done in tandem with the extensive consultation process, which aims to garner the thoughts and opinions of both the existing residents and the surrounding community.

Unlike many other developers, we encourage feedback from residents.  This can often be highly productive and lead to novel and elegant solutions that benefit both ourselves and residents.

Upspace takes care to ensure that as much of the construction as possible happens off-site.  This greatly minimises disruption, allowing resident to remain in their properties throughout the development period.

Full compliance documentation will be supplied on completion of the works.  This will include a 12-year professional insurance indemnity from the architects against the safe use of the building by occupants.  In addition, Upspace will ensure that all contractors carry current ‘all-risk’ policies to ensure neighbours are protected from any, albeit rare, negative impacts of the works.

Upspace strives to provide peace of mind throughout all stages of the process so that residents can be confident in both the quality and integrity of the work.

We care about the housing crisis

The current UK housing crises is well documented and reported on.  With populations set to increase and the crisis already at a critical point, councils and local government are desperately searching for solutions.

These problems are most visible in congested cities such as London, where new land to expand housing projects is in short supply, and the housing stock is already densely packed.

But through airspace development and other projects, Upspace is committed to providing a solution; building accommodation on existing structures can provide much-needed new homes in the capital and beyond.

Such developments are not only a benefit to new residents, they also bring welcome changes for those already living in the building.

Improvements to the facade and communal areas can benefit existing properties — in the industry, we have seen such renovations lead to a 3-4% increase in property prices.

Upspace is proud of the work it does and of the good relationships its staff have built with residents and wider communities.  You can read more about Upspace on our FAQs page, including the types of project we’ve carried out, by clicking here.